We need more things...

So, we need more things. We now have an level template, but we don't have some stuff. For unextractable games (QFTA, 5th Passage etc we can just get pictures online. I don't really care if it has the scarab or the GUI but we have to remove the spheres, it's kind of unfitting.)


Q: Can we get the stuff you were saying from DeviantArt?

A: Yes.

Q: What if it was from Luxor Evolved?

A: We have to play EVERY GAME MODE (I only saw Cobraic Twilight in Hard Luxor Evolved). It might be a pain, but deal with it. Blame MumboJumbo.

Q: Can we just extract these files?

A: For Luxor, AR (or AM), and 2, you can. For 3, you don't need to mess around with QuickBMS - it's automatically extracted based on your download. For QFTA, DON'T. It's in Megabytes, so it has a high chance of being 4GB or higher, i don't really want to break this laptop again.

I hope we can do this. -RdHeaven