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Bastion of the Cat Goddess is the 8th map in Luxor: Amun Rising and Luxor Amun Rising HD. It also appears in The Wrath of Set.


The design of the map in Luxor AR features a desert sand background, with the path being a lighter sand color. The left-hand side of the map has a symbol with three lines on top of a curved line, which almost looks like a backwards C. There is also a symbol that looks like a semi-circle on top of two lines. There is also a yellow cat between the top left part of the path and a brown cat. There is an orange cat between the middle left of the path, and above it is a brown ankh. In the center of the map is a gray cat, a dark yellow cat, a brown cat, and the Egyptian hieroglyph D035, 𓂜, at the top. On the right-hand side of the map is the cat goddess, Bastet, holding a yellow staff and wearing a purple-and-yellow dress and a white orb with a uraeus symbol. There is also a brown Eye of Horus and a brown figure sitting with its hand raised. The bottom of the map has a row of cat paw prints, with the paws on the left and right sides of the map going towards the center.

The design of the map in Luxor AR HD has a gravel background and the path has a dark colored sand background. The end of the path that goes into the pyramid fades away. There are many rocks and plants, with all the symbols around the map disappearing and the row of cat prints at the bottom of the map are now gone. Everything else in the map remains the same.

Difficulty Analysis

As the map is mostly vertical, it is hard to actually aim and eliminate spheres, which makes the map itself one of the harder maps in the game. The map is also quite short, giving the player less time to eradicate any spheres. This is much harder when playing harder difficulties such as Expert mode and Challenge of Horus as spheres go faster and there are less like-colored sphere groups. Lightning Bolt is a useful power up in this map as they can eliminate spheres in the vertical sections very quickly.


Luxor: Amun Rising and Luxor: Amun Rising HD

Luxor: The Wrath of Set

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  • Stage 8-4
  • Stage 13-4