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Difficulty (or Skill Level in the earlier game) is the setting first introduced in Luxor: Amun Rising, and it become the staple for most of the Luxor games, it allow you to choose how difficult the game was (of course the higher the difficulty, the harder the game will be, but you can score more points) once you choose it, you cannot changed it unless you start a new game.

In Luxor: Amun Rising

There are 3 difficulty levels (called Skill Level) you can choose from.

  1. Beginner: Same scoring as the original Luxor 1.
  2. Intermediate: Slighty faster train, score x1.5.
  3. Expert: Much faster train, score x2.

In Luxor Mahjong

Called Experience Level in this game.

  1. Scribe's Journey (Beginner): Usual scoring.
  2. Noble's Adventure (Normal): Score x1.5.
  3. Pharaoh's Challenge (Expert): Score x2.

In Luxor 2

3 Skill Level available, and this is the first game to introduced Challenge of Horus. When you completed a difficulty level (excluding Challenge of Horus), the game will asked if you wish to continue to the next difficulty level.

  1. Easy: No Scoring Bonus
  2. Normal: 1.5x Scoring Bonus!
  3. Expert: 2x Scoring Bonus!
  4. Challenge of Horus: 3x Scoring Bonus!