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Flight of the Sacred Ibis is the 7th map in Luxor and Luxor HD. It also appears in Luxor: The Wrath of Set.


The map in Luxor has a beige background with many hieroglyphs written in black across the map. There are many flying ibises across the map, and near the end of the map there is a large ibis and two small ibises. There are also sitting ibises at the bottom of the map, with either a star or ankh in between them. The path seems to be a path of the ibis' flight.

The map in Luxor HD has a lighter beige background, however it is now a map piled amongst other maps. However, everything else remains the same.

Difficulty Analysis

The map is one of the easier maps due to it being long and being made up of a horizontal path. The spheres will usually be easy to eliminate even on Challenge of Horus. There is not much to say as the map is pretty basic in terms of difficulty.


Luxor and Luxor HD

Luxor: The Wrath of Set

  • Stage 3-1
  • Stage 8-1
  • Stage 13-1