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Luxor: Amun Rising HD is the remake of the original Luxor Amun Rising game, available for PC, iOS and Android.

Differences Between the Original

  • Added 12 Achievements/Badges.
  • Added the Aim Assist options, can be set to None (classic Luxor style), Retical (Luxor 2 style), or Beam (like a Speed Shot power-up, but does not shoot faster).
  • Addition of Survival and Practice modes.
  • Addition of Challenge of Horus.
  • All the maps have been remade with more details than the original game.
  • All of the destinations are no longer made obscured in the stage map.
  • The game has a brand new set of Spheres.
  • The game used most of the Luxor 2 assets, including scarabs, gems, ankh coins and sound effects.
  • The game uses Luxor 2 ruleset, such as Bonus Scarabs dropping Ankh Coins upon completing the progress bar, Accuracy Bonus, etc.
  • Notably, when creating a random sphere match, it produces sparks followed by a puff of smoke that stays permanent. This is an exception to the iOS version of the game.


Icon Achievement Name How to obtain
ARHD-Nepthysbadge.png Pride of Nepthys Complete Adventure mode on Casual difficulty.
ARHD-Anubisbadge.png Disciple of Anubis Complete Adventure mode on Normal difficulty.
ARHD-Tutankhamunbadge.png Mask of Tutankhamun Complete Adventure mode on Expert difficulty.
ARHD-Ramesesbadge.png Crown of Rameses Complete Adventure Mode on the Challenge of Horus difficulty.
ARHD-LHPbadge.png Life! Health! Prosperity! Complete a level without losing a life.
ARHD-Treasurybadge.png Pharaoh's Treasury Collect 100 falling gems across gameplay.
ARHD-GoldenAnkhbadge.png Golden Ankh Coin Collect 15 or more coins in a single level.
ARHD-Dynasticbadge.png Dynastic Crook and Flail Make a 20X combo sequence.
ARHD-MasterFatebadge.png Master of Fate Create a 7X chain sequence.
ARHD-TwoLandsbadge.png Pharaoh of the Two Lands Earn the play rank of Pharaoh of the Two Lands.
ARHD-LordHuntbadge.png Lord of the Hunt Fire 10,000 shots in a single profile.
ARHD-Hathorbadge.png Headdress of Hathor Collect 1,000 total coins in a single profile.
ARHD-Unusedbadge1.png ARHD-Unusedbadge2.png ARHD-Unusedbadge3.png ARHD-Unusedbadge4.png Unused Badges During early development of the game, there are 4 badges that were supposed to be added to the game, but were scrapped.



  • During the level in the android version, the left and right edges of the level have a deadzone, thus you cannot shoot spheres at the deadzone, or collect Treasures or Power-ups if they fall to the very edges of the screen.
  • You can activate the Cheats by going to the options, then holding the Page Up and Page Down keys at the same time until the prompt appears.