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For the original pc version of this game, see Luxor 2, for the HD remake of the original game, see Luxor 2 HD

Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge is essentially an remake of Luxor 2 for PS2, PSP, Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii, this version contains some of the features that doesn't appear in the original version of Luxor 2.


  • New storyline and stage names.
  • Removal of Challenge of Horus Difficulty.
  • Diffrent set of Badges/Achivements (12 in the original, 25 in this game).
  • 13 Diffrent Blessings to enhanced your game.
  • Re-used the music track from the previous game in this pattern: 2 > Amun Rising > 1. (except DS version have no Luxor 1 music and Amun Rising menu theme, PSP version have neither of them).


These are all the levels in Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge, it's all having the same level design as Luxor 2, but couple of levels have it name changes.

Stage 1 - The Hall of Two Truths

  • 1-1: Village on the Nile
  • 1-2: Aisle of Sobek (Ankhs for the Memories)
  • 1-3: Carving the Obelisk
  • 1-4: Wallow of the Hippo God

Stage 2 - The Feather and the Scale

  • 2-1: Valley of the Queens
  • 2-2: Hypostyle Hall
  • 2-3: Inscribing the Sacred Texts
  • 2-4: Jetty of the Wayward Soul (Ptah Daa)
  • 2-5: Nefertari Collar

Stage 3 - Chaos in the Netherworld

  • 3-1: Headdress of the Goddess
  • 3-2: Game of Senet
  • 3-3: Weaving Egyptian Linen
  • 3-4: Lighting the Calcite Lamp
  • 3-5: Bathing in the Sacred Pool
  • 3-6: Ramesset Pylon

Stage 4 - Tears of the Goddess

  • 4-1: Village on the Nile
  • 4-2: Aisle of Sobek (Ankhs for the Memories)
  • 4-3: Carving the Obelisk
  • 4-4: Wallow of the Hippo God
  • 4-5: The Wings of Isis

Stage 5 - Mighty Storms from the Sea

  • 5-1: Valley of the Queens
  • 5-2: Hypostyle Hall
  • 5-3: Inscribing the Sacred Texts
  • 5-4: Jetty of the Wayward Soul (Ptah Daa)
  • 5-5: Nefertari Collar
  • 5-6: Temple of Hapshepsut

Stage 6 - Isis and the Headdress

  • 6-1: Headdress of the Goddess
  • 6-2: Game of Senet
  • 6-3: Weaving Egyptian Linen
  • 6-4: Lighting the Calcite Lamp
  • 6-5: Bathing in the Sacred Pool
  • 6-6: Ramesset Pylon
  • 6-7: Step Pyramid of Djoser

Stage 7 - The Soul and the Scale

  • 7-1: Village on the Nile
  • 7-2: Aisle of Sobek (Ankhs for the Memories)
  • 7-3: Carving the Obelisk
  • 7-4: Wallow of the Hippo God
  • 7-5: The Wings of Isis
  • 7-6: Scarabic Dawn

Stage 8 - The Courageous Traveler

  • 8-1: Valley of the Queens
  • 8-2: Hypostyle Hall
  • 8-3: Inscribing the Sacred Texts
  • 8-4: Jetty of the Wayward Soul (Ptah Daa)
  • 8-5: Nefertari Collar
  • 8-6: Temple of Hapshepsut
  • 8-7: Ruins of Au-Set

Stage 9 - Uncovering the Feather

  • 9-1: Headdress of the Goddess
  • 9-2: Game of Senet
  • 9-3: Weaving Egyptian Linen
  • 9-4: Lighting the Calcite Lamp
  • 9-5: Bathing in the Sacred Pool
  • 9-6: Ramesset Pylon
  • 9-7: Step Pyramid of Djoser
  • 9-8: Guardians of the Tomb

Stage 10 - A View of the Past

  • 10-1: Village on the Nile
  • 10-2: Aisle of Sobek (Ankhs for the Memories)
  • 10-3: Carving the Obelisk
  • 10-4: Wallow of the Hippo God
  • 10-5: The Wings of Isis
  • 10-6: Scarabic Dawn
  • 10-7: Honor of the Medjay

Stage 11 - In the Presence of Ra

  • 11-1: Valley of the Queens
  • 11-2: Hypostyle Hall
  • 11-3: Inscribing the Sacred Texts
  • 11-4: Jetty of the Wayward Soul
  • 11-5: Nefertari Collar
  • 11-6: Temple of Hapshepsut
  • 11-7: Ruins of Au-Set
  • 11-8: Balance of Maat

Stage 12 - Weighing of the Heart

  • 12-1: Headdress of the Goddess
  • 12-2: Game of Senet
  • 12-3: Weaving Egyptian Linen
  • 12-4: Lighting the Calcite Lamp
  • 12-5: Bathing in the Sacred Pool
  • 12-6: Ramesset Pylon
  • 12-7: Step Pyramid of Djoser
  • 12-8: Guardians of the Tomb
  • 12-9: Two Lands United

Stage 13 - Treachery Revealed

  • 13-1: The Wings of Isis
  • 13-2: Temple of Hapshepsut
  • 13-3: Step Pyramid of Djoser
  • 13-4: Scarabic Dawn
  • 13-5: Ruins of Au-Set

Stage 14 - The Passing of Judgement

  • 14-1: Guardians of the Tomb
  • 14-2: Honor of the Medjay
  • 14-3: Balance of Maat
  • 14-4: Two Lands United
  • 14-5: Temple of Set


Since there is a new storyline in Pharaoh's Challenge, there is a change of all stage names from the original game (This storyline is played at the start of each stage on all version, except DS version).

Chapter 1: The Hall of Two Truths

Once, in the Empire of Egypt, a beautiful Songstress passed into the afterlife. She entered the Hall of Two Truths, where her heart was to be weighed against the Feather of Ma'at. If her heart was equal in weight to the feather, she would be invited into Paradise, otherwise her soul would suffer a second death. Knowing she was guilty of many wrongdoings, she was about to hand over her imperfect heart when Thoth, the god of wisdom, swept to the altar and declared that she would be allowed to dwell in Paradise for all eternity. Bewildered, the Songstress asked why she would not be judged. Thoth looked kindly on her and shared with her the tale of the Courageous Traveler.

Chapter 2: The Feather and the Scale

The Songstress listened as Thoth began his tale... "Not long ago, a great misfortune struck the heart of the underworld. The beloved feather of Ma'at was stolen from the Hall of Two Truths. The gods were furious and looked with suspicion at Osiris, god of the underworld, but he had no explanation for the thievery. This discord pleased Set, god of chaos and brother of Osiris, for he had once ruled the dark realm and greatly desired to reclaim his throne. The missing feather was exactly the opportunity Set needed to bring shame to his brother's name."

Chapter 3: Chaos in the Netherworld

Thoth continued with the tale of the Courageous Traveler... "Without the weighing of hearts, many souls began to wander throughout the underworld. Set went forth into the presence of Ra, the sun god, and declared, 'Osiris has failed to maintain order. Upon the feather's return, I demand that his heart be weighed against it!' The great Ra summoned Osiris and said 'The feather of Ma'at must be found quickly, and when it is found, your heart will be weighed against it. If the feather is not found, I will remove your crown, and place it upon the head of your brother, Set.' As quick as lightning, Osiris began his search for the feather."

Chapter 4: Tears of the Goddess

The words of Thoth filled the ears of the Songstress... "When Isis, the wife of Osiris, heard about her husband's case, she went before Ra and begged that he not let it happen. 'If the heart of Osiris is true, then no harm will befall him,' said Ra. Displeased by Ra's words, Isis left to seek help from the other gods, but none would openly defy the will of Ra. On the verge of despair, Isis met with her husband's treacherous brother Set, but he would only help if she agreed to trade her youth and beauty with his wife's aging infirmity. Appalled by Set's offer, tears began to stream down her face as she turned away."

Chapter 5: Mighty Storms from the Sea

Thoth spoke more of the tale of the Courageous Traveler... "Osiris had searched the entire underworld for the missing feather, save for the Valley of Dry Bones. On his way to the valley, he stopped to rest upon a small island. Suddenly there came a mighty storm, which swept Osiris out to sea and pulled him beneath the waters where he beheld the spirit of Set within the waves. Summoning his fury, Osiris overcame the storm and set off, with all haste, for the Valley of Dry Bones."

Chapter 6: Isis and the Headdress

The Songstress was in awe of Thoth's epic tale... "Realizing she was alone in her pursuit of justice for Osiris, Isis reluctantly went before Set to trade her youth and beauty for his wife's infirmity. When the transformation was complete, Set left to find the missing feather. Heartbroken, Isis retreated to the desert, where she beheld a brilliant light shining upon a nearby oasis. There she found the Blessed Headdress of Ptah as Ra spoke compassionately from above, 'Fill this garment with the holy powers that all sacred beetles possess, and you shall witness past events!' Hope returned to Isis, and she immediately set off to find a brave soul to help her with the task of collecting the holy powers."

Chapter 7: The Soul and the Scale

The tale of the Courageous Traveler continued.. "Isis searched for a soul who would be determined to fill the Headdress of Ptah with divine powers. This soul was not found along the great river Nile, atop the colossal pyramids of Giza, or in the vast Theban desert. After all her searching , the humble soul Isis chose was found kneeling before the scales of justice in the Hall of Two Truths."

Chapter 8: The Courageous Traveler

Thoth continued his story with great passion... "Isis asked the humble soul, whom she found in the Hall of Two Truths, why he did not wander freely. 'Before the feather was taken, my unworthy heart was to be weighed...' he answered '...but I beheld paradise as another soul entered in,' he said weeping. 'I regret my shameful past, so I wait here to receive the second death!' Isis replied, 'To hasten the hour of your judgement, will you honour the gods by gathering the powers of the exalted scarabs so that order may return to our infinite realm?' The humble soul arose, saying, 'Send me on my way, and I will not cease in obeying your command!' At this, Isis transformed him into a swift winged creature and the Courageous Traveler set out on his quest."

Chapter 9: Uncovering the Feather

The tale continued further, as the Songstress listened... "In his quest for the feather of Ma'at, Osiris overcame storms of sea and sand, and at last reached the Southern border of the Valley of Dry Bones. At the very same time Set entered the valley from the north. Though Osiris searched the great wasteland with amazing speed, Set was drawn to the location of the feather. There he waited Osiris. As Osiris approached, Set held the feather high and proclaimed with a sneer, 'Let your heart be weighed, my brother.' Then he, with the feather, vanished in a cloud of dust."

Chapter 10: A View of the Past

Thoth continued... "The Courageous Traveler had made such swift work of finding the sacred beetles that the Headdress of Ptah began to glow. He immediately returned the Headdress to Isis, who gazed into it to observe the events of the past. The vision showed the conniving Set fleeing from the Hall of Two Truths with the feather of Ma'at in his grasp. Isis watched, with rising fury, as Set journeyed to the Valley of Dry Bones where he buried the feather in the desert sand so that he might later retrieve it. As the power of the headdress faded, Isis' anger grew. She stormed off to seek audience with Ra."

Chapter 11: In the Presence of Ra

More of the tale of the Courageous Traveler was told to the Songstress... "When Isis arrived at the temple of Ra, she was outraged to see Set, already present, with the feather of Ma'at held high. 'Deceiving God!' she cried, her eyes wide with rage. 'I have seen you burying the feather in the sand.' Set pointed at Isis and snarled, 'She protects her husband with madness! Let the weighing of Osiris' heart commence!' Ra agreed to proceed with the ceremony. Isis wept bitterly."

Chapter 12: Weighing of the Heart

Thoth continued... "All of the gods of Egypt were present in the Hall of Two Truths to witness the weighing of Osiris' heart. When Osiris looked upon Isis, still in the guise of Set's wife, his heart became heavy laden as it was placed upon the scales of justice. Even so, the gods were amazed that Osiris' heart greatly outweighed the feather, sinking until it rested on the temple floor. Set declared, 'Cast the heart of Osiris into darkness, for it is worthy only of a second death!' The voice of Ra filled the hall, 'Be it so as Set has imparted, and deliver the heart of Osiris into eternal darkness,' he proclaimed."

Chapter 13: Treachery Revealed

The Songstress listened intently... "As Osiris' heart was about to be cast down, the doors of the great hall were thrust open and the Courageous Traveler strode urgently into the room. 'Stop!' he cried. 'Behold the truth!' He presented the Blessed Headdress, which was once again glowing with divine powers, for he had never ceased gathering the sacred beetles. Set called for the ceremony to continue, but Osiris clutched the neck of his brother so that he could not speak. Before them, the glow of the Headdress revealed the spectacle of Set taking the feather and manipulating the scales to ensure an imbalance in all future trials. The Hall of Two Truths fell silent as the powers faded from the headdress."

Chapter 14: The Passing of Judgement

Thoth brought his tale to an end... "Osiris released his brother as Ra pointed an accusing finger at the cowering god and declared, 'I cast you, Set, to the desert where you will remain forever.' Osiris was overjoyed, save for the sight of Isis, still imprisoned in the guise of Set's wife. Ra saw this, and knew it to be Set's trickery, so he returned Isis to her rightful appearance. Osiris' joy was complete. With Set banished and Osiris ruling the underworld, the time had come for the heart of the Courageous Traveler to be weighed. In spite of the good he had done for Isis, his heart would still outweigh the feather. So Osiris proclaimed, 'Because of your good deeds, your heart will not be weighted, and you shall enter paradise.' The Courageous Traveler hesitated, then spoke, 'My beloved wife, a beautiful Egyptian Songstress, will soon pass into the afterlife. When her heart is weighed, will it be found worthy?' Osiris considered this. 'Her heart will not be found worthy, and she will suffer the second death,' he said sadly."

Chapter 15

[Chapter 15 takes place right after The Temple of Set is completed]

With tears in her eyes, the Egyptian Songstress said to Thoth, "My husband performed these good deeds, yet you are allowing me to enter paradise with my unworthy heart?" Thoth pointed to the final image on the wall and said, "He gave his heart to be cast into darkness so that yours would be spared. Now go, live in paradise, and never forget this act of love, for the deeds of the Courageous Traveler will forever remain in the heart of the gods." As the doors of paradise opened, an intense light filled the hall, but the Egyptian Songstress did not notice as she gazed upon the image of her husband's good deed. Thoth gently touched her on the cheek, and she was filled with awe as he took her hand and placed her husband's wedding ring into it. Thoth said, "All will be made aware of your loved one's deeds, and his true love for you." The Egyptian Songstress looked into paradise and smiled as she slowly stepped forward and disappeared into the light.

Game complete quote

Your journey through ancient egypt has been a genuine success. The gods are pleased with your hard work and dedication, and have created a beautiful constellation in your honor. May it light the evening skies for all eternity.



The score you needed is slightly diffrent from the original Luxor 2, and might be inaccurate or based on diffrent version, if anyone can improved this, please do.
Rank Name Score Needed Class (In the PC version)
Farm Hand 0 Class 1:


Plower of Fields 250,000
Keeper of Beasts 755,000
Chief Farm Hand 1,260,000
Appointer of Plowers 1,775,000
Supervisor of Seed 2,275,000
Class 2:



In addition of player ranks, the power-ups now have a rank that will increase when a certain total points is achieved, you start off with a weakest power-ups (at Rank 0), but as you progress throughout the adventure and gain more points, it will keep gets stronger (lasted longer, bigger radius, gain more shots, etc.), to the point of downright ridiculous.

The first row in each pair is the ranks number, the second row of the pair is the number of points required. *Some of the following required points might be off from the original number of points developers intended.
Reverse Slow Stop
1 75,000 1 1,110,000 1 2,100,000
2 388,000 2 1,450,000 2 2,460,000
3 770,000 3 1,800,000 3 2,800,000
Speed Shot/Accuracy Color Bomb Scorpion
1 3,140,000 1 4,160,000 1 5,180,000
2 3,480,000 2 4,500,000 2 5,525,000
3 3,820,000 3 4,840,000 3 5,865,000
Lightning Ball/Lightning Bolt Net [Not reached yet]
1 6,205,000 1 7,224,000 1
2 6,545,000 2 7,560,000 2
3 6,885,000 3 3
[Not reached yet] [Not reached yet] [Not reached yet]
1 1 1
2 2 2
3 3 3
[Not reached yet]


Every time you completed the stage, you will be granted with the blessing that will help you on your journey, there are total of 13 Blessings in the game and only 3 of them can be activate at a time.

  1. Devotion of Isis: Ankh Coins generate from matching 5 of the same color, instead of 7, similar to other Luxor games.
  2. Finger of Horus: A caret visibly indicates where a shot sphere will most likely land. In the DS version of the game, 2 power-ups are spawned instead of one.
  3. Speed of Resheph: Enhanced shot speed.
  4. Poise of Osiris: Spheres roll a shorter distance when first appering in the environment.
  5. Face of Bes: A once-per-level chance that spheres entering the pyramid will be knocked back.
  6. Tears of Tefnut: Spheres roll at a slower speed when the spheres are in the middle of the path.
  7. Skill of Ptah: Causes dropped items to be pulled toward you from a greater distance.
  8. Wisdom of Thoth: All scoring is increased by 15%.
  9. Paw of Bast: Greater chance of like-colored spheres being placed next to one another in a chain.
  10. Breath of Amun: Level progress bar fills up faster.
  11. Flames of Sekhmet: Chains of spheres are shorter than they should be.
  12. Sweat of Ra: Spheres roll slower towards the end of the path.
  13. Laughter of Geb: Spheres slow down sooner as they approach the pyramid.


The game added a new bonus stages in addition to the Dagger's bonus, note that some bonus doesn't appear in some of the version.

  • Shoot the Balls: The original bonus rounds you can play in Luxor 2, you have unlimited ammo of Pharaoh Daggers to clear as many train of spheres as possible (DS version only have this bonus rounds.)
  • Catch the Gems: Appear in all version except the DS, scarab will run around the specific path and dropping treasures (and the next scarab will get faster), the player have to collect as many treasures as they can, any missed tresures will push the progress bar closer to gold.
  • Control the Chain: Exclusive to PS2 version, the player will need to clear a train of spheres, while controlling the chain with the d-pad, which is also the control of the shooter.


This feature is available in every version of Pharaoh's Challenge, except Nintendo DS.

  • Jade Djed Pillar: Match 8 spheres
  • Winged Pendant: 5 Chain reactions
  • Jeweled Scarab: No lives lost on level
  • Royal Vase: Complete casual difficulty
  • Tyet of Isis: Collect 100 treasure
  • Udjat: 100% Accuracy
  • Sun Charm: Collect 15 coins in a level
  • Ma'at Feather: Complete gamer difficulty
  • Sacred Herb: Perfect on a bonus round
  • Pharaoh Crown: Complete hardcore difficulty
  • Ankh: Earn commander of soldiers rank
  • Crook and Flail: Earn pharaoh rank
  • Perfume Bottle: Match 12 spheres
  • Isis Statue: No lives lost on 5 levels
  • Double Ankh: No lives lost on 10 levels
  • Isis Throne: No lives lost on 20 levels
  • Sma Amulet: Collect 200 treasure
  • Ancient Stele: 100% Accuracy * 2
  • Atef Crown: 100% Accuracy * 3
  • Narmer Pallet Front: Perfect on a bonus round * 3
  • Narmer Pallet Back: Perfect on a bonus round * 5
  • Sistrum: Pyramid not threatened * 3
  • Scale of Justice: Earn grand vizer rank
  • Bes Statue: Pyramid not threatened * 6
  • Geb Statue: Pyramid not threatened * 9



  • In the PS2 and the Wii versions, you can have up to 4 profiles, in PSP version, you can save as many profiles as the memory card can hold, in the DS version, you can have up to 3 profiles.
  • In the PS2 and the Wii versions, instead of High Scores board, it become Rankings that showed all the profiles rank, progress, blessings, badge, largest chain, and largest combo, the DS version have top 10 High Scores, while the PSP version only have top 9.
  • In the all versions except for DS version, Level Complete screen will only show your total score, rank, shots fired, accuracy, and accuracy bonus, the DS version show all statistics Luxor 2 have.
  • After chapter 15 is done in the non-DS version, the player will get a congratulations message, the save game will still be there, so if you choose to continue it, the chapter 15 will still played.
  • The stage progress will saved in difficulty, so for example if you played up to stage 3 on casual, and you select new game, you can choose to start at stage 3 in that difficulty only.
  • Completed the game in 1 difficulty will give you 33% completion.
  • Each time you clear a train of spheres, a random power-up is spawn.
  • Wild Ball seems to be the most spawned power-up when scarab is destroyed.
  • Sometimes after getting 30 ankh coins, you won't get the extra life until you get another ankh coin.
  • Sometimes the progress bar won't turn gold when it completely full.
  • Sometimes the Lightning Storm ended earlier than it should be.
  • Upon reaching 13-Bonus, the Shooter turns gold and for the rest of that profile, all of the Blessings, regardless if they aren't activated or not, are activated at once (the Shooter return to normal color in the DS version?).
  • Interestingly, some of the original content from Luxor 2 have been renamed, examples include;
    • Fireball -> Bomb
    • Ankhs for the Memories -> Aisle of Sobek
    • Ptah Daa -> Jetty of the Wayard Soul


Lightning Storm Fireball/Bomb

Wild Ball/Wild Card

Frenzy/Daggers Color Cloud