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Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife, commonly known as Luxor QFTA or Luxor 4, is the 6th and, chronologically, 4th game by MumboJumbo, serving as the successor to Luxor 3. It has a storyline. This game re-introduces place travelling as seen in Luxors 1, AR, 2, and later, 5.


Queen Nefertiti's tomb was raided by followers of Amun, led by their leader Thutmose. Of the artifacts stolen were her four canopic jars, which disturbed the rest of her afterlife, preventing her from rising to the heavens. The player, the bloodline of Queen Nefertiti, has to pursue the thieves along the Silk Road and help her retrieve back her four canopic jars so that she could rise for her afterlife.

In the end of the game, it was revealed Set powered them.


  1. Eye of Horus: Allows the item to search for scrambled artifact pieces and allows Queen Nefertiti to read the minds and clues of the thieves when the player defeats one. They can be found in Memphis.
  2. Scarab: When completed, allows the golden scarab to spawn at a random point of the level for a coin bonus. Each fragment can be found in Memphis, Tyre, and Babylon.
  3. Sphinx: When completed, unlocks Puzzle Mode. Each fragment can be found in Tyre, Teyma, and Gerrah.
  4. Horus Statue: Intensifies the seeing energy of your scryer. Each fragment can be found in Ninevah, Zafar, and Muscat.
  5. Cow of Hathor: Each gem and coin's score values are doubled. Each fragment can be found in Tyre, Ugarit, Barbaricon, and Persepolis.
  6. Chariot: Allows you to travel to any city wherever you like without doing the levels. It is necessary to battle against the third high prophet. This artifact contains the most amount of fragments that can be found in the map, at five: Rey, Merv, Samarkand, Kashgar, and Bactra.
  7. Sun Disc of Aten: This artifact allows the player to trap one of the high prophets in the intended city. When placed on a correct city, allows the player to engage in a battle against a high prophet. There are 3 copies of Sun Discs on the map and you randomly collect one of them if you play the campaign long enough.


NOTE: Upon completing each city, the amount of spheres increases for a harder gameplay. The following will only mention only the notable destinations as there are more than 50 of them. Replayable Bonus levels are present after visiting all of a region's cities and defeated the Regional Prophet. Also, this game contains spoilers for the storyline, proceed reading with caution.

Luxor -> Memphis

  • Level 1: Stop, Thief!
    • Outcome: This is not the work of a simple thief! My husband and I made many enemies when we cast out the pantheon of deities. Only a prophet follower of one of these deities would dare to break my precious artifacts and scatter them in pieces. All the pieces of an artifact must be recovered before it can be assembled.
  • Level 2: Swiftly Hidden Stones
  • Level 3: Dem Bones
  • City Level A: Vs. Kherheb
    • Outcome: Thank you, my champion! You defeated the fool, Kherheb. He was the mortuary priest assigned to feed my ka and protect the tomb. Before my death I sent him to the farthest reaches of the outer world. The path to recovering my artifacts leads beyond the confines of Egypt.
  • City Level B: City of Memphis

Memphis (Egypt) -> Tyre (Syria)

  • Level 1: Exodus from Egypt
  • Level 2: Scarab Swarm!
    • Number of scarabs: 25
  • Level 3: Crossing the Nile
    • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 5
  • City Level: City of Tyre

Tyre -> Ugarit

  • Level 1: Sails of Silk
  • Level 2: Weave it to Me
  • Level 3: Scarabian Nights
  • City Level: City of Ugarit, Vs. Mdjai
    • Outcome: It is Mdjai, a soldier of my husband's trusted advisor, the Warlord Horemheb. My husband appointed me co-regent so I would succeed him as pharaoh. When he died, I offered to marry Prince Zannaza son of the Hittite King Suppiluliuma, so I could stay in power long enough for our new Amuna religion of the god Aten to take deeper root.

Ugarit (Syria) -> Ninevah (Persia)

  • Level 1: Don't Fret
  • Level 2: Crossing the Tigris
    • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 7
  • Level 3: Mountain Repose
  • City level: City of Ninevah

Ninevah -> Babylon

  • Level 1: Scarabian Nights
  • Level 2: Swiftly Hidden Stones
  • City Level: Vs. Sebi
    • Outcome: You have shown great skill against this ox. Sebi carries the jade dagger from Khotan which was used to kill me. He did not do the deed, but he is a follower of Amun. Symbols mar the blade, his body and his ka.

Babylon (Persia) -> Teyma (Arabia)

  • Level 1: Crossing the Euphrates
    • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 8
  • Level 2: Chutes and Puzzles
  • Level 3: Plaza of Stone
  • Level 4: Midnight Weavings
  • City level: City of Teyma

Teyma -> Zafar

  • Level 1: Weave it to Me
  • Level 2: Midnight Weavings
  • City level: City of Zafar

Zafar -> Muscat

  • Level 1: The Visier's Courtyard
  • Level 2: Don't Fret
  • Level 3: Scarab Swarm!
  • Level 4: Starry Night
  • City level: Vs. Akori
    • Outcome: You defeated Akori. He reeks of Myrrh and is garbed in silk. I had these items imported from the silk road to aid in the cure of my beloved. This quest is in good hands. You are exceeding my expectations.

Muscat -> Gerrah

  • Level 1: Plaza of Stone
  • Level 2: Scarab Swarm!
  • City level: City of Gerrah

Gerrah -> Muscat

  • Level 1: Plaza of Stone
  • Level 2: La Rents of Arabia
  • City level: City of Muscat

Muscat (Arabia) -> Persepolis (Persia)

  • Level 1: Across the Gulf
    • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 9
  • Level 2: Ports of Ball
  • City level: City of Persepolis

Persepolis (Persia) -> Rey (Bactria/Persia)

  • Level 1: Scarab Swarm!
  • Level 2: Eye Wove View
  • Level 3: Wonderball Oasis
  • City level: City of Rey

Rey (Bactria/Persia) -> Merv (Bactria)

  • Level 1: Yurt Turn
  • Level 2: Ambush in Hyrcania!
  • Level 3: Dem Bones
  • Level 4: Sultan's Bounty
  • City level: City of Merv

Merv -> Samarkand

  • Level 1: Scarab Swarm!
  • Level 2: Weave it to Me
  • Level 3: City of Samarkand

Samarkand (Bactria) -> Kashgar (Khotan)

  • Level 1: Crossing the Jaxartes
    • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 13
  • Level 2: Note the Cliff
  • Level 3: Snow more Treasure
  • City level: Vs. Buika
    • Outcome: I am so pround of how you have grown! At your feet lies Buika, the servant of the evil overseer of Amun prophets, Thutmose. Our villain is revealed and he must be found!

Kashgar (Khotan) -> Bactra (Bactria)

  • Level 1: Secret Temple
  • Level 2: Yurt Turn
  • City level: Vs. Mkhai
    • Outcome: I am in your debt for humbling the assassin, Mkhai. He carries donku poison from the fat east. It's effect is to violate it's victim from within. Cruel fate! Without filled canopic jars my beloved will never be able to travel to the afterlife. Mkhai would only have taken orders from Horemheb. The task would have required the help of prophets with connections fat outside Egypt.

Kashgar -> Barbaricon (India)

  • Level 1: Don't Fret
  • Level 2: Mountain Repose
  • Level 3: Crossing the Indus
    • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 10
  • Level 4: Eastern Shores
  • City level: Vs. Nebi
    • Outcome: This is the one who killed me! I can still smell my royal blood on his hands. His name is Nebi, a regional prophet of Amun, but only a lackey. The plot points to the highest prophets of Amun.

Kashgar -> Hotan

  • Level 1: Portal to the East
  • Level 2: Ambushed by Thutmose!
  • Level 3: Snow more Treasure
  • City Boss: Thutmose
    • Before the battle: My plans have been perfect. It never mattered if the jars were returned to me by my high prophets or by you. What matters is that I destroy the jars when the sun is totally blocked out during the eclipse. I am powered by the mighty Amun! When you are defeated in battle, I will destroy the jars and Nefertiti will be trapped on earth with her husband until their ka is extinguished by total death! (Laughs manically)

Boss Battles

  • High Prophet 1: Panashi the Barbarian
    • Outcome: Panashi the Barbarian is a high prophet of Amun. I can sense the sacred metals on this pig. The amounts of gold and electrum are staggering. There is trasure somewhere that far exceeds any that has ever been hoarded.
  • High Prophet 2: Odji
    • Outcome: Odji has fallen and two of my jars are returned! These jars continue to speak of an amassed golden treasure. They will pinpoint the way to the hidden city if a third jar is discovered.
  • High Prophet 3: Kamenwati
    • Outcome: Excellent! You caught the high prophet of Amun, Kamenwati, and recovered my third canopic jar. The hidden city with a cavern lined in gold will be revealed. The overseer of prophets is in this city and has the fourth of my jars. It is time to find Thutmose and finish this quest!
  • City of Hotan: Thutmose
    • Outcome: The fool Thutmose is defeated. He was never powered by Amun, it was Set, the god of evil intentions and the creator of chaos who was father of this plot! Ahhhhhhhh. I feel the power of the sun flowing within my life force. It joins with my soul. My celestial spirit rises! It is now that my akh spirit can affect those bound to the earth. I will bring my husband with me! Thutmose will provide what is needed to fill Akhenaten's canopic jars! You have our eternal thanks. All this treasure is now yours. When your time of passing comes, you will be able to join us in the afterlife as our friend, our champion and our bloodline.


  • Cutscenes are narrated by Queen Nefertiti.
  • It has the Luxor 3 engine.
  • Fitting the game's story, some of the region's names are historic to the modern-day countries such as Persia being modern-day Iran.
  • Luxor 4 is one of the only 2 games that uses a collectible item to progress through the game, with the other being Pharaoh's Challenge.
    • It is also the first game to feature boss battles, as the player has to defeat the high prophets to claim the canopic jars for Queen Nefertiti. The boss battles would return in Luxor Evolved.