Luxor Game Series Wikia

Luxor ( was a flash game available on website around 2007, which got discontinued at some point (long before flash player even cease exist).


Luxor is an action-puzzler that takes you on an adventure across Ancient Egypt. Use the scarab shooter to destroy Set’s spheres before they reach the pyramids. Use Isis’ magic by catching talismans, gems, and Ankh coins. Can you thwart Set's plans?


  • Left Mouse Button: Shoot Spheres.
  • Spacebar: Switch Spheres.


This game is similar to the original Luxor, except there no map screen, the map is randomized in each levels, Spheres colors is also randomize (1st Level have 3 colors), there a time limit of 5 minutes instead of a lives system, and the physics is slightly different from the original game.

NOTE: If you play this game on BlueMaxima's Flashpoint, randomizer will not working, and the timer is completely absent.