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Luxor (WorldWinner) is a game available on WorldWinner website, based on the original Luxor/Luxor: Amun Rising. It's usually ran on flash player, but since adobe discontinued flash player in 2020, it is now ran on html5.


The rules is generally the same, except only 6 spheres chains will spawned per level, and you only have 5 minutes to clear all 6 chains. The game end when you complete all 6 chains, spheres reached your pyramid, or ran out of time.


Luxor on WorldWinner featured 41 levels, all of them have the same layout as the original PC version of the game.

Please ignore this levels table until all 41 levels has been revealed.
From Luxor
Level Name 1 Level Name 2 Level Name 3 Level Name 4 Level Name 5
From Luxor: Amun Rising
AR Level Name 1 AR Level Name 2 AR Level Name 3 AR Level Name 4 AR Level Name 5

Confirmed Level (in alphabetical order):

  1. Anubis Aegyptus : Luxor: Amun Rising
  2. Barque of the Goddess: Luxor
  3. Bastion of the Cat Goddess : Luxor: Amun Rising
  4. Cobraic Twilight : Luxor
  5. Den of the Hyenas : Luxor
  6. Descent to the Underworld : Luxor
  7. Festival of Jubilee : Luxor: Amun Rising
  8. Grand Gallery : Luxor: Amun Rising
  9. Imhotep's Folly: Luxor
  10. In the Shadow of the Pyramids : Luxor
  11. Lair of the Jackal God : Luxor
  12. Nepthy's Garden: Luxor
  13. Pharaoh's War Crown : Luxor: Amun Rising
  14. Pool of the Lotus Blossom: Luxor
  15. Queen of Denial : Luxor: Amun Rising
  16. Scroll of Thoth: Luxor
  17. The Treasure City of Rameses: Luxor: Amun Rising
  18. Uraeus Nefertari : Luxor



  • In the early version of this game, it use the Luxor/Luxor: Amun Rising graphic. In the newer version, it now use Luxor 2 Scarab and Spheres set, and most likely a vertically flipped of Luxor HD score HUD.
  • This game physics is much different from the original Luxor/Luxor: Amun Rising.
  • The stage theme in this game come from Luxor: Amun Rising.