Luxor Game Series Wikia

If you are looking for the PC version of the game, see Luxor 2, if you are looking for the HD remake, see Luxor 2 HD.

Luxor 2 (Mobile) is a game and part of the Luxor game series. It is the Java version of Luxor 2, as this operating system was used on smartphones that were still prevalent at the time of the game´s release. Like other Luxor games, it maintains an Egyptian theme and the main point of the game is to remove spheres on a set track by exploding groups of three or more spheres. The game is available on Java.


All power-ups are the same as the original Luxor game with the exception of Daggers and Net, and Lightning has been altered slightly.

  • Daggers: Replaces the two slots for the shooter with 10 daggers. Also present during bonus stages.
  • Net: Spawns a field that collects power-ups, gems, and coins for a short time.
  • Lightning: Unlike in other games where the lightning bolt affects one place, this time you can move your scarab from side to side to eliminate any spheres in the lightning´s path.


There are 25 levels divided in 6 stages, with 5 bonus levels on the first 5 stages. There are 3 ¨destinations¨ in the game. Stages 1 and 2 include the river, stages 3 and 4 are desert, and stages 5 and 6 are fertile areas. Unlike other games in the series, none of the levels repeat, and there are no levels with two paths.

Stage 1

  • 1-1: Root of Nile
  • 1-2: Way of Osiris
  • 1-3: Path of Horus
  • 1-4: Flowing Geb
  • 1-5: Bonus level

Stage 2

  • 2-1: Ablution
  • 2-2: Sanctuary
  • 2-3: River of Life
  • 2-4: Hathor Stream
  • 2-5: Bonus level

Stage 3

  • 3-1: Rising Atum
  • 3-2: Jackal´s Road
  • 3-3: Ancient Winds
  • 3-4: Way of Anubis
  • 3-5: Bonus level

Stage 4

  • 4-1: Sands of Time
  • 4-2: Set´s Kingdom
  • 4-3: The Caravan
  • 4-4: Lair of Isis
  • 4-5: Bonus level

Stage 5

  • 5-1: Garden of Sun
  • 5-2: Garden of Day
  • 5-3: Beneath Giza
  • 5-4: Pharaoh Dreams
  • 5-5: Bonus level

Stage 6

  • 6-1: Sarcophagus
  • 6-2: Reveries
  • 6-3: Osiris Tree
  • 6-4: Wrath of Ra
  • 6-5: Scarab Temple


  • This and Luxor (Mobile) are the only games in the Luxor series to not have a map with two paths.
  • This and Luxor (Mobile) are the only games in the Luxor series where maps only appear once in the game.
  • At some point in the game, the Shooter will suffer from "control drift", which will make the Shooter constantly move in one direction until you press that corresponding direction.
  • After beating the game, you have 10 seconds multiply by the number of lives you currently have, to collect as many Gems and Ankh Coins as possible, these Gems and Ankh Coins will count toward the final score.

    Ending of the game