Luxor Game Series Wikia

Luxor 3 is an action-puzzle computer game released by MumboJumbo. It is a sequel to Luxor 2. As with the other Luxor games, it maintains an Egyptian theme and revolves around Egyptian deities, with a main gameplay goal of removing spheres in various lines of spheres on a set track by exploding groups of three or more spheres. The game's story revolves about completing the Pyramid.


Every single power-up except Lightning Storm and Pharaoh's Daggers make a return in this game. Introduced power-ups are:

  • Color Replacer: Turns all spheres of that color on the board to a new color. It shows you what color it will turn the spheres it affects.
  • Match Highlighter: Gives a hint on which specified color the player can shoot at for a couple of seconds.
  • Pyramid Blocker: Summons a spiked ball that prevents other spheres from going into the pyramid. When the spiked ball takes enough damage from the spheres or if the level is complete, it will explode, destroying other spheres that haven't gone on contact with the spiked ball.
  • Sorter: Organizes the spheres into better groups.
  • Sandstorm: Causes a sandstorm that wipes out the lowest row of spheres.


Stage 1: Geb's Good Earth

  • Our story begins with the untimely demise of the young pharaoh. Unable to travel to the Afterlife until his pyramid is complete, his ka is conscripted into the service of the gods of Egypt. They are fighting their own battle against Set, who sends his minions to steal the essences of the other gods. In most immediate danger is the domain of the Earth God, Geb. It is here that the ka of the young pharaoh shall begin to serve.
    • 1-1: Geb the Grower
    • 1-2: The Hypostyle Hall
    • 1-3: Lotus Bloom
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 1-4: Wealth of Kings
    • 1-5: Apep's Waters
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 1-6: Road of Ancients
    • 1-7: Guardian of Geb
      • Survival mode, 1:40.
    • 1-Bonus: Geb's Blessing

Stage 2: The Serenity of Nut

  • Nut, the Goddess of the Sky and Heavens, has cried out for help. The other gods, send the Pharaoh's ka to her domain next.
    • 2-1: Among the Stars
    • 2-2: Osiris Sleeps
    • 2-3: Defender of Nut
    • 2-4: Precious Cargo
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 2-5: Pharaoh's Water Garden
    • 2-6: Vine of Life
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 2-7: Here Kitty, Kitty.
    • 2-8: Guardian of Nut
      • Survival mode, 2 minutes.
    • 2-Bonus: Nut's Blessing

Stage 3: The Crown of Horus

  • Horus, who rules the Land of the Living, is the next target of Set. Set has long coveted the power of Horus and the love of the people.
    • 3-1: Paths of Horus
    • 3-2: Horus Crosses the Nile
      • Number of spheres on the ground: 5
    • 3-3: Gates of the Underworld
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 3-4: Apep's Waters
    • 3-5: Buried in the Sands of Time
    • 3-6: Behind the Curtain
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 3-7: Defender of Horus
    • 3-8: Stone by Stone
    • 3-9: Guardian of Horus
      • Survival mode, 2:20.
    • 3-Bonus: Horus's Blessing

Stage 4: Ra Ascending

  • Even the great Sun-God Ra finds himself in need when targeted by Set and his minions of chaos. Let not the light of the sun fade forever from the land.
    • 4-1: The Temple of Ra
    • 4-2: Royal Catch
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 4-3: Scribblings of the Scribe
    • 4-4: Ra Crosses the Nile
      • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 7
    • 4-5: Defender of Ra
    • 4-6: Vine of Life
    • 4-7: Sobek's Wading Pool
    • 4-8: Wealth of Kings
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 4-9: Geb the Grower
    • 4-10: Guardian of Ra
      • Survival mode, 2:40.
    • 4-Bonus: Ra's Blessing

Stage 5: Pawn of Isis

  • Isis, with all her great magics, is direly besiged by her brother Set. May the ka of the Pharaoh protect the Mother Goddess.
    • 5-1: The Isis Knot
    • 5-2: The Hypostyle Hall
    • 5-3: Defender of Isis
    • 5-4: Pharaoh's Water Garden
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 5-5: Isis Crosses the Nile
      • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 8
    • 5-6: Road of Ancients
    • 5-7: Among the Stars
    • 5-8: Osiris Crosses the Nile
      • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 7
    • 5-9: Precious Cargo
    • 5-10: Guardian of Isis
      • Survival mode, 3 minutes.
    • 5-Bonus: Isis's Blessing

Stage 6: Osiris Reborn

  • Even as Set attacked Osiris before, now he does so again. The Pharaoh's ka must not fail here. If Osiris resurrected the succumbs to chaos, what Afterlife will there be for the ka?
    • 6-1: Osiris Sleeps
    • 6-2: Here Kitty, Kitty.
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 6-3: Pharaoh's Water Garden
    • 6-4: Defender of Osiris
    • 6-5: Here Kitty, Kitty.
    • 6-6: Apep Crosses the Nile
      • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 8
    • 6-7: Lotus Bloom
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 6-8: Paths of Horus
    • 6-9: The Well of Anubis
    • 6-10: Paths of Horus
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 6-11: Guardian of Isis
      • Survival mode, 3:20.
    • 6-Bonus: Osiris's Blessing

Stage 7: Apep's Domain

  • Apep, the Great Serpent of the Underworld, normally fears nothing. Now, however, Set is so desperate for power that he even lashes out against the one with whom he shares enemies.
    • 7-1: Apep's Waters
    • 7-2: Thoth Crosses the Nile
      • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 9
    • 7-3: The Well of Anubis
    • 7-4: Buried in the Sands of Time
    • 7-5: Stone by Stone
    • 7-6: Defender of Apep
    • 7-7: The Temple of Ra
    • 7-8: Road of Ancients
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 7-9: Sekhmet's Armory
    • 7-10: Guardian of Apep
      • Survival mode, 3:40.
    • 7-Bonus: Apep's Blessing

Stage 8: Wisdom of Thoth

  • The Wisdom of Thoth would serve Set well if he could wrest it away from the Ibis-Headed God. Of course if he already possessed that wisdom, he would realize that a world in chaos is not worth ruling...
    • 8-1: Scribblings of the Scribe
    • 8-2: Defender of Thoth
    • 8-3: Vine of Life
    • 8-4: The Isis Knot
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 8-5: Sobek's Wading Pool
    • 8-6: Precious Cargo
    • 8-7: Apep's Waters
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 8-8: Lotus Bloom
    • 8-9: Anubis Crosses the Nile
      • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 10
    • 8-10: Guardian of Thoth
      • Survival mode, 4 minutes.
    • 8-Bonus: Thoth's Blessing

Stage 9: Anubis the Jackal

  • Anubis the Jackal, Protector of the Dead, is beset by the hordes of Set. If Anubis falls, then Set would gain thousands upon thousands of souls and the sacred resting places of the dead would never be safe again.
    • 9-1: The Well of Anubis
    • 9-2: Geb the Grower
    • 9-3: Scribblings of the Scribe
    • 9-4: The Isis Knot
    • 9-5: Sekhmet Crosses the Nile
      • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 12
    • 9-6: Defender of Anubis
    • 9-7: Royal Catch
    • 9-8: Wealth of Kings
    • 9-9: Guardian of Anubis
      • Survival mode, 4 minutes.
    • 9-Bonus: Anubis's Blessing

Stage 10: Sekhmet's Pride

  • The strenght of the warriors of Egypt lie with Sekhmet, and Set would have that strength. Set would love nothing more than to turn Egypt's warriors against each other, establishing more chaos and doing his work in the land of the living for him.
    • 10-1: Sekhmet's Armory
    • 10-2: Among the Stars
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 10-3: The Hypostyle Hall
    • 10-4: Defender of Sekhmet
    • 10-5: Road of Ancients
    • 10-6: Behind the Curtain
    • 10-7: Vine of Life
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 10-8: Guardian of Sekhmet
      • Survival mode, 4 minutes.
    • 10-Bonus: Sekhmet's Blessing

Stage 11: Rancor of Set

  • Set has retreated to his final stronghold, beaten back by the combined efforts of the Pharaoh's ka and the other gods. If the ka can retrieve the rest of the pilfered essence of the gods, his work will be done and he will be free to travel to the afterlife.
    • 11-1: Lotus Bloom
    • 11-2: Pharaoh's Water Garden
    • 11-3: Set Crosses the Nile
      • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 13
    • 11-4: Royal Catch
    • 11-5: Gates of the Underworld
    • 11-6: Sekhmet's Armory
      • Puzzle mode.
    • 11-7: Rancor of Set
    • 11-Bonus: Egypt's Blessing



  • Since the story revolves the Pharaoh to complete the Pyramid to gain access to the Afterlife, this would foreshadow Luxor 4's story, where the goal is to collect the 4 canopic jars for Queen Nefertiti to gain access to the Afterlife.
  • Strangely, while Sobek does seem to have his own stage like Geb, Sekhmet, Ra and others, Sobek does not play a major role in the storyline.
  • Luxor 3 is the first game in the Luxor series to correctly display Turquoise and Orange spheres, unlike Luxor 2's, as the orange spheres appear in 5-10's expert mode with turquoise spheres appearing later.
  • In some versions of the same PC version of the game, stages 2, 3 and 5 don't contain any titles.