Luxor Game Series Wikia

Luxor Adventures is another Luxor series spin-off game made by MumboJumbo Games for PC. This game mostly focused on a hidden object gameplay, and a decent amount of different puzzle types.


NOTE: These text is copied straight from the help section in-game

An archeological team searches for the Stairway to Heaven of Osiris, believed to be an ancient portal to anywhere in time. An unexpected treachery turns to disaster as the portal is crossed, causing the Court of Osiris to be sucked in. The unstable portal fills places in the past with objects from future times and places.

Now the team must prevent Osiris from passing judgment on mankind by returning with the members of the Court so they may put responsibility back on the true villian. While seeking out the Court of Osiris, misplaced objects are collected before geniuses from the past reverse engineer their way to a new future that never evolves a place for us.



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