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Luxor Evolved is the latest Luxor game developed by MumboJumbo released in 2012. Chronologically, it is the 6th and last Luxor game to be developed, not counting Luxor 2 HD, as it is a remake of the original 2008 release.


Luxor Evolved introduces gameplay and style which is a notable departure from the series' norm. The gameplay is faster paced than in previous installments. Rather than resetting the stage if the player loses a life, the chains of marbles are reversed, leaving some remaining; losing a life on a survival stage ends the stage immediately. Powerups are unlocked and upgraded by earning enough score or in some cases, beating a boss. Among the powerups are "super powerups" which the player unlocks after beating the first, third, and sixth bosses. Upon unlocking a super powerup, emblems periodically appear and fill up a meter corresponding to that powerup, activating it automatically when the meter is topped off. However, the super powerup can be activated by shooting 6 shards by opening a gap out of spheres.

Luxor Evolved includes multiple different types of stages: classic, survival, bonus, secret, and boss. Many levels are mirrored or reoriented versions of stages from previous Luxor games. If the player outlasts the timer on a survival stage, they are rewarded with a bonus stage where they must clear all the marbles using a certain powerup differing between special stages. At the end of each group of stages, the player is faced with a boss stage where they must destroy a giant robot named after an ancient Egyptian god, such as "Mecha-Sekhmet" or "Mecha-Horus". If the player collects enough falling treasure, they will immediately unlock a secret stage to beat in addition to the normal stages. The player is told how much treasure to collect in between stages.

References to other games

Evolved features numerous references to many video game tropes of the time. All of the secret stages pay homage to classic arcade games such as Asteroids and Pac-Man. The pause menu features a Qix that flies across the menu screen. The game's ending sequence is a simulation of a kill screen and error handler, "rebooting" into a playable credit roll thereafter.


Luxor Evolved features the most powerups in a single game: twenty-one. More than Luxor 5. Bonus levels are present for testing your skills with a certain powerup. There is also an XP system to upgrade powerups and unlock secrets. Returning power-ups from previous games are:

  • Reverse: Causes the spheres to move away from the pyramid in the opposite direction.
  • Fireball: A ball that shoots fire, destroying many non-matching spheres.
  • Stop: Stops the spheres for a short time.
  • Wild Ball: A colorful ball that can be shot at spheres anywhere on the path, including non-matching ones. It is the only power-up that works against bosses.
  • Slow: Slows the movement of the spheres for a short period of time.
  • Color Bomb: Eliminates all of the spheres of a specific color. There are nine colors for one to be all eliminated.
  • Lightning Bolt: A ball that shoots a vertical lightning, destroying the spheres in the path.
  • Paintball: A ball that shoots a droplet of color, painting many non-matching spheres. Successor to the Color Cloud and returns from Luxor 3.
  • Lightning Storm: Causes a series of lighting blasts to strike and randomly eliminate spheres for better combos. Returning from Luxor 2.
  • Scorpion: Spawns a scorpion from the pyramid and destroys numerous spheres. Only spawns in 1 path for dual-path levels.
  • Bullets: Replaces the two slots for the shooter with numerous bullets. Successor to Pharaoh's Daggers and returns from Luxor 5.
  • Black Hole: Plants a black hole at the closest point to the Pyramid that destroys spheres that pass through and then collapses on itself. Returning from Luxor 5.
  • Match Hints: Gives a hint on which specified color the player can shoot at for a couple of seconds. Returning from Luxor 3.
  • Sorter: Organizes the spheres into better groups. Returning from Luxor 5.

Debuting power-ups are:

  • Laser: Channeled by Ra, blasts a lasting laser through balls. This is for those with a need to clear absolutely positively everything.
  • Rockets/Missiles: Replaces the two slots for the shooter with some warheads. These warheads have an explosion hitbox, something that Bullets lack.
  • Poison Ball: Infects a number of spheres and automatically destroys them.
  • Meteor Storm: Rains destructive meteors that crash into random areas. These have an explosion hitbox than Lightning Storm, but their crash is slower and they come at a smaller pack.
  • Smart Bomb: An extremely rare power that destroys most of the spheres onscreen.
  • Freeze Ball: Freezes a number of spheres for manual destruction. Frozen balls that are stuck in place can also be destroyed by an oncoming group.
  • Chain Lightning: Arcs the spheres of the same color as the one struck. When used, instantly loses the accuracy bonus.

Super Power-ups also make their debut:

  • The Force of Sekhmet: After collecting 6 Sekhmet shards, the shooter transforms into a larger red shooter that unleashes hell upon spheres.
  • The Incarnation of Horus: After collecting 6 Horus shards, the shooter transforms into a larger blue shooter that shoots countless lightnings at spheres. This ability can be traced back to Pharaoh's Challenge, where the maxed out lightning bolt can be fired up to 4 times.
  • The Aspect of Ra: After collecting 6 Ra shards, the shooter transforms into a larger green shooter that blasts multiple lasers for a short time.


Stage 1

  • 1-1: Scroll of Thoth
    • DJ Tutankhamun Remix.
  • 1-2: Pharaoh's Challenge 1
    • Timer: 100 seconds (callback to Luxor 3)
      • Bonus Stage: Sekhmet's Scorching Breath
      • Power-Up Featured: Fireball
  • 1-3: Narmer Palette
    • Nubian Remix.
  • 1-4: Hathor's Loving Embrace
    • G1z4 edit.
  • 1-5: Weighing of the Heart
    • DJ Osiris Remix.
  • 1-6: Mecha-Sekhmet
    • Number of balls inside the boss: 12
      • Reward: The Force of Sekhmet

Stage 2

  • 2-1: Ankhs for the Memories
    • Th0t Remix.
  • 2-2: Pharaoh's Challenge 2
    • Timer: 100 seconds
      • Bonus Stage: Venomous Uraeus
      • Power-Up Featured: Poison Ball
  • 2-3: Uraeus Nefertari
    • Lapis Lazuli Mix.
  • 2-4: Scarabic Dawn
    • L0tus Remix.
  • 2-5: Nepthy's Gardens
    • H0ruS Mix.
  • 2-6: Mecha-Geb
    • Number of balls inside the boss: 12
      • Reward: Poison Ball

Stage 3

  • 3-1: Corabic Twilight
    • Uraeus DubStep.
  • 3-2: Pharaoh's Challenge 3
    • Timer: 110 seconds
      • Bonus Stage: Horus' Electrifying Touch
      • Power-Up Featured: Lightning Bolt
  • 3-3: Rebirth Under Ra
    • Ph4r40h Remix.
  • 3-4: Reign of the Heretic King
    • Shu Mix.
  • 3-5: Twin Pyramids
    • DJ Djoser Edit.
  • 3-6: Mecha-Horus
    • Number of balls inside the boss: 16
      • Reward: The Incarnation of Horus

Stage 4

  • 4-1: Canyon of Horus
    • C4n0plc Remix.
  • 4-2: Pharaoh's Challenge 4
    • Timer: 2 minutes
      • Bonus Stage: Freezing Aura
      • Power-Up Featured: Freeze Ball
  • 4-3: Festival of Jubilee
    • Sc4r4b Edit.
  • 4-4: Geb's Garden
    • DJ Nut Remix.
  • 4-5: Wings of Ra
    • Original Mix.
  • 4-6: Mecha-Osiris
    • Number of balls inside the boss: 16
      • Reward: Freeze Ball

Stage 5

  • 5-1: Carving the Obelisk
    • DJ R4ms3s Remix
  • 5-2: Pharaoh's Challenge 5
    • Timer: 2 minutes
      • Bonus Stage: Set's Explosive Rage
      • Power-Up Featured: Missiles
  • 5-3: In the Shadow of the Pyramids
    • Tut Club Mix.
  • 5-4: Opening of the Mouth Ceremony
    • Extended T4n1S Remix.
  • 5-5: Wandering Scribes
    • P4pyrus Mix 2000 bc
  • 5-6: Mecha-Sobek
    • Number of balls inside the boss: 16
      • Reward: Color Bomb

Stage 6

  • 6-1: Anubis Aegyptus
    • Scr1b3 Remix.
  • 6-2: Pharaoh's Challenge 6
    • Timer: 2 minutes
      • Bonus Stage: Ra's Unrelenting Gaze
      • Power-Up Featured: Laser
  • 6-3: Nefertari Collar
    • Qu33n Edit.
  • 6-4: Valley of the Queens
    • Hyskos Club Edit.
  • 6-5: Isis Knot
    • DJ Amun Mix.
  • 6-6: Mecha-Ra
    • Number of balls inside the boss: 14
      • Reward: The Aspect of Ra

Stage 7

  • 7-1: Serpents
    • Karnak Remix.
  • 7-2: Pharaoh's Challenge 7
    • Timer: 2 minutes
      • Bonus Stage: Chain of Horus
      • Power-Up Featured: Chain Lightning
  • 7-3: Shooters and Ladders
    • N3cr0p0l1S Club Edit.
  • 7-4: Riddle of the Sphinx
    • Mummy Edit.
  • 7-5: Bathing in the Sacred Pool
    • Sc0rp10n K1ng Edit.
  • 7-6: Mecha-Isis
    • Number of balls inside the boss: 18
      • Reward: Chain Lightning

Stage 8

  • 8-1: Horus Hawk Ascending
    • Philae Mix.
  • 8-2: Pharaoh's Challenge 8
    • Timer: 2 minutes
      • Bonus Stage: Horus's Shocking Impact
      • Power-Up Featured: Lightning Bolt
  • 8-3: Nile Libations
    • DJ Isis Mix.
      • Note: The mirrored level pattern is similar to Village on the Nile, but this level features a different name.
  • 8-4: Ruins of Au-Set
    • DJ Thutmosis Edit.
  • 8-5: Pillar of Osiris
    • DJ Sobek Mix.
  • 8-6: Mecha-Set
    • Number of balls inside the boss: 20
      • Outcome: After this stage, the game proceceeds with a killscreen, which checks the power-up selftest. After a successful bootup, the credits roll with different but simple level designs.

Secret Levels

After collecting a certain amount of treasure, the player gets to play these secret levels.

  • Secret 1: Heavenly Shards
    • Origin: Asteroids
  • Secret 2: Tomb of Paak-Mun
    • Origin: Pac-man
  • Secret 3: Path of the Marble King
    • Origin: Marble Madness
  • Secret 4: Hall of the Berzerkers
    • Origin: Berzerk
  • Secret 5: Spirit of the Temptor
    • Origin: Tempest
  • Secret 6: Plateau of Obelisks
    • Origin: Centipede
  • Secret 7: Looting the Tomb
    • Origin: Dig-Dug
  • Secret 8: Scarabic Invaders
    • Origin: Space Invaders
  • Secret 9: Ammit's Gauntlet
    • Origin: Donkey Kong

Unused Levels

Deep within the game's files, there were plans to make a 9th stage, but it was scrapped during it's original release. Luckily, a youtube video can be found here.[1]

  • 9-1: Barque of the Goddess
    • Nile Mix.
  • 9-2: Crossing the Nile
    • Number of spheres rolling on the ground: 12
  • 9-3: Descent to the Underworld
    • DJ Set ReMix.
  • 9-4: Eye of Horus
    • DJ Khufu Remix.
  • 9-5: Imhotep's Folly
    • T3mpl3 Mix.
  • 9-6: Innudation of the Nile
    • K1ngd0m Edit.
  • 9-7: Pharaoh's War Crown
    • Ra Mix.
  • 9-8: The Stellae of Thutmosis
    • Dyn4sty Club Edit.
  • 9-9: Step Pyramid of Djoser
    • DJ Isis Remix.


  • This game, along with Luxor and Luxor AR, are the only games in the series that load the pyramid from a sprite. This is why all the pyramids are the same, otherwise there would be many pyramid files.
    • The exception is Secret 3, where this level loads a different pyramid sprite due to the isometric nature of the level.
  • The only power-ups not ported over to Evolved are Speed Shot, Net, Color Swapper, Pyramid Blocker, Sandstorm and many of the introduced power-ups from Luxor 5.