Luxor Game Series Wikia

For the original PC version of this game, see Luxor.

Luxor HD is the remake of the original Luxor game, available for the PC, iOS, Android and 3DS.

Diffrence Between the Original

  • Added 11 Achievements/Badges.
  • Added the Aim Assist options, can be set to None (classic Luxor style), Retical (Luxor 2 style), or Beam (like a Speed Shot power-up, but does not shoot faster).
  • Addition of Survival and Practice modes.
  • Addition of Challenge of Horus.
  • Addition of the option to select Difficulty.
  • All the maps have been remade with more details than the original game.
  • Set is no longer made obscured in the stage map.
  • The game used most of the Luxor 2 assets, including spheres, scarabs, gems, ankh coin and sound effects.
  • The game uses Luxor 2 ruleset, such as Bonus Scarab drop Ankh Coins, Accuracy Bonus, etc.


Icon Achivement Name How to obtain
1HDBadge1.png 12 Gates of Luxor Temple Match 12 or more spheres with a single shot.
1HDBadge2.png 5 Days of Thoth Put together 5 chain reactions.
1HDBadge3.png Life! Health! Prosperity! Complete a level without losing a life.
1HDBadge4.png Feather of Ma'at Complete Adventure Mode on the Casual difficulty level.
1HDBadge5.png Pharaoh's Treasury Collect 100 pieces of gems and jewelry.
1HDBadge6.png Royal Sharpshooter Complete a level with 100% accuracy.
1HDBadge7.png Golden Ankh Coin Collect 15 or more coins in a single level.
1HDBadge8.png Horns of Hathor Complete Adventure Mode on the Normal difficulty.
1HDBadge10.png Magic of Isis Complete Adventure Mode on the Expert difficulty level.
1HDBadge11.png Challenge of Horus Complete the Challenge of Horus.
1HDBadge12.png Pharaoh of the Two Lands Earn the play rank of Pharaoh of the Two Lands.
1HDBadge9.png ??? Supposed to be 12th achivement, but never appeared in the Achivements menu.



  • During the level in the android version, the left and right edges of the level have a deadzone, thus you cannot shoot spheres at the deadzone, or collect Treasures or Power-ups if it fall to the very edges of the screen.
  • There is 1 achivement icon in the game data file, named badge_09, that doesn't appear in the achivements/badges page.
  • You can activate the Cheats by going to the options, then holding the Page Up and Page Down keys at the same time until the prompt appears.