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Navigating the Cataracts is the 22nd map in Luxor and Luxor HD. It also appears in Luxor: The Wrath of Set.


The design of the map in Luxor features a gray brick background, and the path is blue as it represents the water. On the left-hand side of the map has a man on a boat, a man sinking, and a man on a tire. The center of the map has two men on brown, green and red boats. The right-hand side of the map has a man on a tire, a man on a boat, and a man sinking from his boat. The bottom of the map has three fish, one green and yellow, one yellow and blue, and one red and yellow, with zigzag symbols in between them.

The design of the map in Luxor HD is almost the same, except the brick background s now more defined and noticeable, as the bricks are larger, and there are lighting changes. There are now light brown pots scattered around the map, and the path now has a gray outline.

Difficulty Analysis

The map is one of the easier maps, especially in Luxor HD, as the spheres move slowly and the horizontal paths allow for easier access to spheres. Even in Expert mode and Challenge of Horus the spheres don't move fast. The level can be tricky though as there are usually not many like colored sphere groups. Even though the paths and danger zones are short, the spheres can usually be eliminated before they reach the pyramid.


Luxor and Luxor HD

Luxor: The Wrath of Set

  • Stage 19-3