Nepthy's Garden is a map that appears in Luxor, Luxor: The Wrath of Set, and Luxor HD. It is the second map in the original series.


The design of this level in both games has two females depicted, smelling the flower whilst holding the rest in their other hand. The whole background is green. The hieroglyphs were only present in the original version whilst in HD version is where all plants and other greenery were present everywhere.

Unlike the original game, there are differences to the path. In original version, the path is in light golden brown color with four-petaled flowers. In HD, it gave a stony look, making it more attractive.


Luxor and Luxor HD


  • In HD, the path is covered at the starting part of the path at the top right corner.
  • In Evolved, there were two paths and it was named as Nepthy's Gardens.
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