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Ra's Journey to the West is the 6th map in Luxor and Luxor HD. It also appears in Luxor: The Wrath of Set.


The design of the map in Luxor features a light brown background, and hieroglyphs in between the path. There is a purple gem in the middle of the map, and an Eye of Horus at the top of the map. At the bottom of the map, there is a head of Ra and uraeus symbol on opposite sides of each other, with two on each side.

The design of the map in Luxor HD has a light brown to gray background, with the hieroglyphs now being in a bold gold color with a crystal next to each. The purple gem now shines bright and the Eye of Horus is replaced with a winged scarab. The two heads of Ra and uraeuses remain the same. There are now three golden flower statues on each side of the map. Two shadows of what seem to be people can be seen.

Difficulty Analysis

Like most of the early game levels, the level is pretty easy as there are many horizontal parts to the path. The vertical parts can make it tricky and the end near the pyramid is short, which can make it tough, especially in Expert mode and Challenge of Horus mode in Luxor HD. Most of it can be completed before it reaches the end though.


Luxor and Luxor HD

Luxor: The Wrath of Set

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