Luxor Game Series Wikia

The spheres are the protagonists of Luxor Svetlograd Complete Mix-Up. There are 100 or more colors total. They forcefully move forward by a pusher called Scarab to their enemies, the pyramids. Always help the colorful, funny spheres retreat from the pyramid by shooting the sphere to his/her correct color. Match three or more to gain points. Matching three chains can earn you one out of eight power-ups. Finishing a whole line of spheres can earn you a gem worth of points after Scarab has been eliminated and freed. Fill the meter to finish the level. If you failed to eliminate all in the line of spheres and it got trapped by the pyramid, you will lose one life and forced to try the level again. After you failed the level, the message will read "TRY THIS AGAIN!". To earn an extra life, collect 30 golden Ankh Coins. If you lose all the lives you have, the game is over. You can simply shoot the sphere by left-clicking the mouse. If the current sphere is no help, you can always change by right-clicking. But remember, always match the sphere to his/her correct color.

List of colors

This is a list of little funny sphere colors you can match inbetween others. Here they are now.


#1 - Blue

Prone to dreams of being 1st as a warrior, Blue frequently attempts to make them come true, and usually passes happily. There is a fine line between awesome and accident prone (And Blue's ability to balance on that line, means he usually falls for it on the last words of that sentence!) However when he has his friends by his side he can be a 'good' sphere. Whenever Blue succeeds on his own, it usually backfires and passes too. Blue gets along with other spheres, Zuma and Shootery and joins in with them.


#2 - Yellow

The other spheres and Yellow can stop the pyramids as much as they can, unless of course they're killing them themselves! Yellow may seem irritated, but he does have a secret weapon that will get him out of any tight spot. Lightning powers that is. (Unfortunately the shock of him also can be triggered by unexpected noises, sudden movements and evil pyramids.)


#3 - Red

Red wants what he can have - and it usually belongs to others. His nice, sassy attitude and boisterous nature means that if he can have fun, he’ll make certain that no one else can, which often means he’s left on the side lines.


#4 - Green

Green’s gentle nature and simple outlook means that he is the number one candidate for menial tasks, and it’s a role he relishes. All he wants is for every sphere to be happy and all his efforts go into making sure they are, even if it means being Purple Blob’s minion every now and then.


#5 - Purple

Purple is fashionable and beautifully bossy. She’ll take control of every situation - whether she’s asked to or not. The other spheres listen to whatever Purple says, and end up doing whatever she demands. Not out of respect though, but for fear of her Purple Magic Attack!


#6 - White

White may be a little bored. But when his friends are here, He starts to smile. The other spheres help him defeat the evil pyramids or on his own with his snow attack within. Still, he is an ally of the Luxor Group.


#7 - Black

Black is a sphere who seems to be the last color of the original Luxor. He will not be afraid to stand up for others and himself. He can also be sassy at times, from the apple tree to the kitchen. He seems to resemble the personality of Purple, who seems to be bossy.


#8 - Orange

Orange’s a little bit simple and a big bit contactable. Somehow he always manages to get into battling. The other spheres take advantage of him, but he doesn’t really mind, just as long as he gets to attack the pyramids with his fireball powers! When it comes to attacking, Orange becomes very focused and won’t stop until the last attack!


#9 - Turquoise

Turquoise is a happy, energetic and crazy sphere who always seems to never or not so never stop rolling. He rolls the fastest out of the main cast. He also really loves music (Especially Rock Music). Turquoise appears to have dreams of adding new colors.