Luxor Game Series Wikia

Treasures (formerly known as Gems in the earlier games) is a bonus items that will spawned when scarab is destroyed, each one is worth a diffrent amount of point, the more you progress in the stage, the more of the expensive treasures available to spawn.

Luxor 1/Amun Rising

In the very first game and their follow-up game, the gem valued between 1,000 points to 15,000 points in multiple of 1,000.

Sprites Points Value Sprites Points Value Sprites Points Value
1,000 Points
2,000 Points
3,000 Points
4,000 Points 5,000 Points 6,000 Points
7,000 Points 8,000 Points 9,000 Points
10,000 Points 11,000 Points 12,000 Points
13,000 Points 14,000 Points 15,000 Points

Luxor 2

From this game forward, the Gems is now called Treasures, valued between 500 points to 4,000 points in multiple of 250.

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