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Two Lands United is the 24th map in Luxor 2, Luxor 2 HD, and Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge.

Path Description

Two Lands United is a map with two paths, each with their own pyramid. Path 1 starts at the middle left corner of the screen, going towards the center before turning left to go up to the top center. The path makes a more shallow left turn, goes down and to the left diagonally, and turns left again before making a sharp right turn into a tunneled vertical section that takes it to the bottom of the screen. After this, the path turns to the right and makes a diagonal S-bend to the left, crossing with the other path and finally making a right-going horizontal straight into the pyramid. Path 2 is a mirror image of Path 1, starting on the right.


Two Lands United in Luxor 2 is built primarily as a 3D wall design, with the left and right halves of the screen being identical to each other with the only difference being a small blue jar behind the candle on the right side of the screen. The paths are made of shiny, reflective material and surrounded by gold. Trumpets make up the center of the background, with two pharaohs in original Luxor art style looking as though they are walking up a set of stairs. At the path intersection is a small hub with a golden scarab on it. At the top corners of the screen are golden ankhs.

The Luxor 2 HD rendition of Two Lands United has its background resembling a wall below the sphinx, flanked by two obelisks. Path 1 is now colored green, while Path 2 is also now colored red. The background is now more focused on hieroglyphics and artwork of sphinxes, pharaohs, and a winged scarab. The intersection is now covered by a stone hub with a golden scarab on it. The spawn points are marked by orange sacks.

The name "Two Lands United" is explained by the background of the map. One half of the map represents Upper Egypt, while the other half represents Lower Egypt. The map's name refers to "the two lands" of Ancient Egypt being united into one Egypt.


Luxor 2 and Luxor 2 HD
  • Stage 12-9 (The Balance of Ma'at)
  • Stage 14-4 (The Temple of Set)
  • Stage 5-4 (Challenge of Horus)
    • NOTE: The Luxor 2 HD version of this stage is noticeably easier than the Luxor 2 version.
Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge
  • Stage 12-9
  • Stage 14-4

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