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For the Luxor Evolved version, see Uraeus Nefertari (Evolved).

Uraeus Nefertari is the 1st map in Luxor and Luxor HD. It also appears in Luxor: The Wrath of Set.

Path Description

The path starts at the top right of the screen and takes an S-bend up as it goes to the left side of the screen. After that, it travels down and repeats the same pattern each time it travels from one side of the screen to another until it reaches the bottom, where it makes one final S-bend up and goes straight to the evil pyramid at the bottom left corner of the screen. The gaps are adorned with uraeus symbols.


The Luxor versions of Uraeus Nefertari feature the same design, with the original version featuring hieroglyphs at the bottom. The path design is dark green with diamond markings, while the color is changed to blue in Luxor HD.

Golden uraeus symbols fill the empty spaces by the path's curves. These are made shinier in Luxor HD, which also adds diamonds to the map.

The scenery is all in sand-like color. In the original version, the background is that of a carved stone. In Luxor HD, the whole background is sand with rocks and plants added.

Difficulty Analysis

Uraeus Nefertari is generally considered an easy map, as is usually the case with the first map in each Luxor game. There are mostly S-bend lines with U-turn curves mixed in, and the spheres do not travel very quickly until late in the game where the difficulty greatly increases. Accuracy should not be a problem here for most players.

Fire Balls are best used on the corners, especially if aiming at two adjacent parts of the path. Lightning Balls are best used for the vertical straights that the downward curves make.


Luxor and Luxor HD
Luxor: The Wrath of Set
  • Stage 1-1
  • Stage 6-1
  • Stage 11-1
  • Stage 16-1


  • The path cover at the beginning of the path exists only in the widescreen version of Luxor HD.
  • The level itself shares the similar design from its original game.

See also

  • Nefertari Collar and Nefertari's Atrium, maps with references to Nefertari.