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RdHeaven RdHeaven 11 April 2017

Vebros jailed again (4/(10/11)/2017)

"Why in the **** someone would say they murdered a CHILD as a prank" - Stage13-10 in SM Discord

Yes, you heard that right. Vebros came out clear.

I'm the owner again, so yes. 

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RdHeaven RdHeaven 7 April 2017

Vebros is free (4/7 (or 6)/2017

Vebros is back, on the SM Discord server, potentially (mostly) he's back here!

He's the owner of this wiki (again) and my short reign has well, stopped.

Oh and guess what? The Sphere Matchers wiki will be affiliated with this wiki!

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RdHeaven RdHeaven 19 March 2017

Wiki update 03/20/2017

This is the first staff blog. I wrote this on my goshdarn phone, lol

So, yep! I will be the new kinda inactive owner here because I forgot there is such thing as Wikias LOL

wait, owner? yes, Vebros will be in... JAIL. Go to [link].

Are you lazy? Here. "This is my last time here. But let's go to the point. I would be inactive for over 25+ years. Why? Uhhh, long story, but I can summarize this using a few words: Murder, Satan, Jail, Court. That's all. Thanks everyone here, with all favorite time spent, great mods, and helpful things. I love you guys..bye.."

So stick to me. Thank you, Vebros for the wiki stuff.


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