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Village on the Nile is the 1st map in Luxor 2, Luxor 2 HD, and Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge.

Path Description

Path of Village on the Nile

The path starts at the top left, going horizontal to the right for a short distance until going vertically down, then making a left horizontal turn. The path then takes a short vertical turn down, then making a turn to the right. The right turn then curves up, then making a right turn under a path cover. After the right turn under the path cover the path takes a short down turn then left turn, before making a short up turn. The path takes a left turn, then a down turn, then a right turn. The path then takes a short down turn then right turn, before making a short up turn. The path ends off with a long horizontal left turn into the pyramid.


The design of the map in Luxor 2 has a ground background with grass on the map, and the path being a faint light beige dirt road. The left-hand side of the map features an off-white apartment, and the beginning of the path starts at the upper apartment. There is a door where the spheres come out and a small window. There are tiny brown vases right outside the house. The upper apartment building leads to a staircase that leads to the lower apartment building. Behind the apartment complex is a broken brown chariot next to a building. The leaves of a palm tree can be seen above the apartment building. There are two tiny gray obelisks side-by-side the pyramid. The center of the map has two staircases that leads to an off-white raised platform that has three red circles on them, and the platform is nearly enclosed. The top-center of the map features what appears to be three storefronts combined in one off-white building, and a window at the top of each storefront, and two doors at the bottom of the right and left ones. The center storefront has a green, red, black, and white colored awning held up by two poles. The awning has many holes in it, and it serves as a path covering for the map. The right-hand side of the map features many sections that contain cargo, and one at the top-right of the map has a broken brown chariot, and the bottom-right of the map shows the leaf of the palm tree. There are many light brown jars around the map, which could contain cargo, and there are many puddles of varying sizes scattered around the map, and there are several vases around the map.

The design of the map in Luxor 2 HD now features a more obvious sand colored dirt path, while the grass is still visible. All buildings are now made of a brown wood material with and off-white border. The left-hand side of the map now has a fence on the edge of the upper apartment, and the palm trees can now be seen clearly, there are five while in the original only the leaf of one could be seen. The leaves of the trees are also a different shade of green than the one in the original. The two obelisks around the pyramid are now a darker shade of gray than in the original. The center of the map now has many vases and jars of various shades of brown, which are on the raised platform. The top-center of the map also has a different colored awning, as it is now off-white with tan stains, and a red and blue design. The other two stores look nearly the same as in the original, however now have brown wooden roofs and doors, and two wooden objects at the right and left side of the stores. The right-hand side of the map now has more of it shown, showing another apartment building, and three small buildings with jars of cargo. At the bottom right-hand side of the map, where the third small building is, the palm tree can now mostly be seen. The puddles are still there but are now much lighter in color, appearing almost gray. The jars are also still scattered around the map but there are now less of them.

Difficulty Analysis

This map is one of the hardest first maps due to its shortness and many vertical sections, and the path cover. However, compared to the other levels of Luxor 2, this map is one of the easier ones thanks to its long danger zone, and as many levels in Luxor 2 are difficult. This level is easier on lower difficulties as spheres can be destroyed quickly and don't move quickly, while the map is much harder on higher difficulties due to the low amount of like-colored sphere clusters and the fact that the spheres move much faster. Lighting Ball should be used on the vertical portions of the path.


Luxor 2 and Luxor 2 HD

  • Stage 1-1 (Tranquility Shattered)
  • Stage 4-1 (Secrets of the Colossi)
  • Stage 7-1 (Oasis of the Sphinxes)
  • Stage 10-1 (To the Foothills of the Medjay)
  • Stage 1-1 (Challenge of Horus)

Luxor: Pharaoh's Challenge

  • Stage 1-1 (The Halls of Two Truths)
  • Stage 4-1 (Tears of the Goddess)
  • Stage 7-1 (The Soul and the Scale)
  • Stage 10-1 (A View of the Past)


  • Village on the Nile is the map used in the game's loading screen.