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Walking Like an Egyptian is the 2nd map in Luxor: Amun Rising and Luxor Amun Rising HD. It also appears in The Wrath of Set.


The design of the map in Luxor AR features a desert sand background with red footprints as the path. On the left-hand side of the map is a brown dog and white bird, with two stars. In the center of the map is a man doing the "Egyptian" walk with a star at the top. At the right-hand side of the map are a brown dog, white bird, and three stars. At the bottom of the map are four women who appear to be singing and making music, so they could be in a band. There are many hieroglyphics around the map.

The design of the map in Luxor AR HD now has many stones around the map, the footprints outlining the path are gone, and there are now many plants around the map.

Difficulty Analysis

Despite being the second map, the map can be very difficult as it's a short map, which causes the spheres to get to the pyramid quicker, and as there are usually not many like colored sphere groups, except in the beginning stages, it becomes easy to get to the danger zone. If the player is not quick or careful, they can quickly lose, especially on Challenge of Horus. Power ups, like Lightning Bolt and Scorpion, can help make playing the map easier.


Luxor: Amun Rising and Luxor: Amun Rising HD

Luxor: The Wrath of Set

  • Stage 1-4
  • Stage 6-4
  • Stage 11-4
  • Stage 16-4