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A rainbow-colored sphere that matches anything

Wild Ball (called Wildcard in some of the games) is a Power-up first appearing in Luxor along with 7 other Power-ups, and becoming the staple Power-up in the most of the Luxor games series.


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Wild Recreated.gif

This Power-up image is a eye of Anubis that change a color in rainbow pattern. When activated, current front sphere will be replaced with a Wild Ball, this sphere can match with any color spheres (if the shot didn't make any match, the Wild Ball will stay on the train until you make a match with the spheres next to Wild Ball or the line merge happens closer to the wild balls, which doesn't happen in Luxor 3 and QFTA). However, if the Color Replacer hits a Wild Ball, it replaces all colors with the same one color.

The appearance of wild ball depends on the games; in Luxor, Luxor: Amun Rising and Luxor 2, it is a rainbow-colored ball with rotating hue, in Luxor 3 and QFTA, it is a solid color sphere that changes color depending on the roll, in Luxor Evolved, it is a solid colored sphere that randomly flashes its colors, and in Luxor 2 HD, it looks roughly similar to a Hypercube from Bejeweled 2.

In Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife, the wild ball's behavior has changed, so putting in different colors where other side adjacent to it is a different color won't make a match for some reason. Though in Luxor 3, it has been changed a little bit so it doesn't stop the player from spawning powerups if present and line merges no longer make matches with wild spheres.

There's a glitch where Scorpion is destroyed regardless of what, if a wild ball is being destroyed by scorpion. This only happens in Luxor: Amun Rising.


  • In Luxor 3 and QFTA, wild balls are technically a 10th color since it is defined as Wild on flavors.txt file but never used for spawning on the path.
    • However, if the level only spawn wild spheres on the path, it break the shooter, making this level unbeatable unless it is either Survival mode (especially with very short timer) or Puzzle mode (any balls including fireballs and lightnings on the queue). This is because wild spheres appearing on the path don't appear on the shooter at least without getting a Wild power-up.
  • In Luxor 3 and Luxor Evolved, the Match Highlighter powerup highlights wild spheres with white outline even if it doesn't match.